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Irina Alexandrova

I want to express my huge gratitude towards TitanProperties and especially to their one of the best agents - Angelina! I had a really complicated case: find an apartment while being in another country. Moreover, it was really important for the apartment owner to be ready to register me in their property. Therefore, I was in a need of trustworthy agent and Angelina was the one. She is very determined specialist who loves challenges and will do everything in her hands to complete the task in a high quality and meet the needs of her clients! We had a long road together, because it was hard to find the apartment within all the requirements (location, budget, facilities, registration etc.). However, Angelina and her persistence managed to find exactly what I was looking for. That is the place where I will feel safe and welcomed to build my new life. Now I am ready to move to Bulgaria. I was very lucky to find Angelina. Thank you very much!

Валери Миланов

Изключително сме доволни от Ангелина Денева! Успя да намери жилище за мен и приятелката ми в рамките на няколко дни, въпреки, че имахме няколко доста важни изисквания, които не бяха лесни за изпълнение. Благодарим много за добре свършената работа! Препоръчваме я!


Мне безумно понравилась Ангелина, она очень профессионально подошла к выбору квартир. Я сейчас живу в прекрасной квартире, о которой мечтала и по локации и по бюджету. Она действительно любит людей и свою работу! Всем ее рекомендую и повышения!!!

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